Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Where are the feminists on the new 'pro-rape' law in Afghanistan?


I'm speechless.

LATER: OK, I've calmed down a bit. I wanted to add some links to previous posts about this bullshit 'we're there to save teh wiminz' meme. Here, here, and here.


Beijing York said...

I just read about this elsewhere. I am offended but not surprised. None of the players who orchestrated this mess of an invasion/occupation, nor their cheer leaders, give a rat's ass about women, especially the poor ones who I reckon are the majority in war torn Afghanistan.

The bringing freedom to oppressed women served as a fig leaf for decapitating the Taliban leadership. As if women in areas controlled by the Northern Alliance war lords were living dramatically different lives. As for the female Parliamentarians, it's sad that they only concession the got (or demanded?) was that they raise the age of marriage from 9 to 16.

deBeauxOs said...

There are few females elected to the Afghanistan governement that remain. The best and the bravest were assassinated, either on the orders of warlords, the new Taliban or both working in collusion.

Pale said...

I have been formulating on this. Right now its at the frothing rant stage.

This whole Islamic republic of Afghanistan mess just gets worse and worse. Meanwhile, self immolation is on the increase still.

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