Friday, 6 March 2009

How Stevie and his RepubliCons celebrate IWD.

Notice has been served to the United Nations, in the form of an intent to file a formal complaint regarding the removal of remove the right of public sector workers to file pay equity complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

"We just heard Helena Guergis speak to the UN Committee of the Status ofWomen, touting the Harper government's supposed record on women's rights. It's appalling that she would set foot on an international stage to make claims about women's equality while the government is in the midst of implementing policies that are trampling women's equality rights at home," said Patty Ducharme, PSAC's National Executive Vice President. The signatories to the "notice of communication" will work together in the coming weeks to formalize their complaint and submit it to the United Nations. "We will not sit back and watch as our government retreats from its international obligations and undermines women's equality rights," said Robyn Benson, Regional Executive Vice-President, responsible for women's issues at PSAC.
More information about how the bill introduced and passed by Stevie's RepubliCon government represents a systemic attack against women’s equality rights can be found in this document:

...several reforms proposed in this bill quite simply have no budgetary ramifications: for example, federal government spokespersons have admitted that they have not estimated the costs or savings related to the new pay equity regime for the federal public sector that is being introduced by this bill. There was no significant consultation with trade unions, women’s groups and other civil society actors before introducing these reforms. In addition, the gender-based impact of these reforms were not taken into account ...
This is how the RepubliCons merrily observe International Women's Day.

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