Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Dead Fetus Monument

From a blogger named Greg Hambrick in South Carolina, more dead fetus fun.
Thirty-three state House members, including four local legislators, have put their support behind a proposed statehouse monument that would memorialize “South Carolina children whose lives ended before their birth.”

Reps. Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston), Jim Merrill (R-Daniel Island), Tim Scott (R-North Charleston), and Mike Sottile (R-Isle of Palms) are co-sponsors of the bill. The monument would be paid for through private donations (the bill stresses that donors would not have to be revealed in public financial disclosures), and the state would be expected to pay for the maintenance of the monument.

You know, you'd think legislators would have better things to do.

I snaffled the photo from the site. Mr. Hambrick explains:
The picture at the top is a monument in a Penn. cemetery. The Kansas Supreme Court ruled against a monument to the unborn dead, again at a cemetery, over a law against using gravesites as an ad board for political reasons.

My goodness, sense from Kansas, of all places. Will sense prevail in South Carolina? Stay tuned.


deBeauxOs said...

Thank the Goddesses for the Kansas Supremes, who correctly ID'ed that glurge as political.

Beijing York said...

No kidding. It's a fancy billboard for political advertising.

Pseudz said...

Is it the case that the law existed before this instance of its use?
If so, then I wonder what travesty of civil human conduct (or fear thereof) gave rise to it.

Perhaps the monument gambit is in 'mongst some other monumentally embarrassing company.

fern hill said...

Hmm, interesting point, Pseudz. Will Google and report. There may be mountains of comedy gold to find there. It is Kansas, after all.

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