Monday, 2 February 2009

Blob Blogging Wingnut flies HER "propoganda" (sic)

The quiet .... err, no - make that the shrieeeking imperialism of Blob Blogging Whiner's opinions. Not content to crank out the propoganda (yes, that is how SHE spells it) at HER own website, SAINTE-NITOUCHE has invaded the combox of bloggers who have dared! - yes dared! - contradict HER drivel with reason and facts.

Oh noes!!!!!! Not facts?!?!?
JJ at unrepentant old hippie charts the movement of BBW's expansion into new territories.
Clearly SUZIE-ALL-CAPS has not read Andrew Coyne's pronouncement that the right is deader than a squashed cockroach.
SHE recently blogged this judgement regarding the Fraternity of St. Pius X:
"I find SSPX-types to be exasperatingly naive in their understanding of the Catholic faith. And that's beside the anti-semitic and other "cultural" stuff. When I ran a Catholic message board, among the people I was the least excited to talk to were Traditionalist Catholics. They were often half-knowledgeable. They cling to tradition without a really good understanding of it."
Her disparaging comments are surprising, given that BBW shares their opinion about abortion. In France, the SSPX supports the Front National political party because it is "the party least removed from the natural law".

Perhaps BBW is compelled to spread her fundamentalist dogma by casting HERself in the role of a neocon-Jeanne d'Arc, dedicated to marshalling the forces of religious fundamentalism and anti-feminism. JJ's droll observation of BBW's verbal terrorism: "As long as she doesn’t fly any blogs into a skyscraper ..." From Lying Nut to Flying Nut.

Update: PSA blogs at Canadian Cynic: The ALL-CAPS Travelling Road Show . Go read.


fern hill said...

Hee. You made me look up 'nitouche'. Good one.

jj said...

Has she apologized to fern hill yet?

fern hill said...

I haven't looked lately, but my promise to eat my computer if SHE does still stands.

deBeauxOs said...

I'll add a link for the expression "sainte-nitouche" because there are local variants and I know the meaning I intended.

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