Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Whoever thought it would be easy

to wrangle the Beast Also Known As the fundamentalist rightwing religious special interest lobby in Washington DC is a pie-eyed optimist. From the Feminist Majority Foundation news website:
A provision in the proposed economic stimulus package that would expand family planning coverage under Medicaid has drawn harsh criticism from Republicans and may be removed from the proposed stimulus package as early as today. President Barack Obama has reportedly told congressional Democrats to remove the provision and may offer this move as a concession to congressional Republicans in meetings today.
And ...
Democrats argue the proposal is a smart fit for the plan to infuse Medicaid with $87 billion in federal money to shore up reeling state programs. The proposal could create health care jobs and thus offer the economy a boost, perhaps even faster than infrastructure spending. The non-partisan Congressional Budget office says it is a money-saver in the long-term.
Clearly the only protection against such turn of events has to be this one:


fern hill said...

Spineless Democrats.

Beijing York said...

What fern said.

Love the commercial.

deBeauxOs said...

I want to marry the person who created that commercial. Srsly.

fern hill said...

I finally got to a computer that does vid. Wonderful commercial, dBO. Thanks.

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