Friday, 30 January 2009

Out-Duggaring the Duggars

More info is coming out about the California woman who gave birth to a litter octuplets earlier this week.

The woman already has six children! And lives with her mother!

Neighbors said she and her six children -- ages 7, 6, 5, 3 and 2-year-old twins -- live there with her mother. Her marital status is unknown.

Her doctors are still not confirming that fertility drugs were involved, but experts quoted in the media say that it is almost a certainty that they were.

Here's my question: WTF is up with a woman who has six children being given fertility drugs?

She must be hankering for an unreality teevee show à la Duggars.

UPPITY-DATE: JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie has more. It is being reported that the reason the woman is living with her mother is that she has filed for bankruptcy and lost her own home. Good gravy. . .


deBeauxOs said...

Or some sort of commercial endorsement contract, but I can't imagine that with the recession in the US, companies will be knocking at her door.

Oemissions said...

ProLife. ProLife!

Beijing York said...

She could be angling for a lucrative gig like Kate Gosselin of TLC's Jon & Kate + Eight.

The watchdogs at Gosselins Without Pity are on the case. One regular described it as puppy mills for humans:

Leave it to Kate Gosselin to capitalize on someoneELSE's multiples. This woman's audacity knows no bounds.

I found KG's "advice" laughable. If she followed any of it herself, maybe her kids wouldn't be destined for an E! True Hollywood story in about 15 years...

My favorite Choose "Your battles – let little things go! You can't control everything. " Really Kate, you don't try to control everything??

As far as this mystery mom and her litter. Well, I think there are some doctors with screwed up ethics out there and a whole bunch of kids (14 in fact!) who will be paying for it. I certainly hope those babies continue to thrive and go nice and strong.


THE OCTUPLETS mum “works in a fertility clinic” and deliberately had eight embryos implanted during fertility treatment - but then risked her life by refusing to selectively abort any of the babies, her family revealed.

The Southern California woman - who already has six children - underwent IVF and had multiple embryos implanted, but never believed she would become pregnant with eight children.

Her family revealed she refused doctors’ advice to selectively abort any of her amazing octuplets - despite warnings that she and her babies could suffer serious health effects or even die.

And neighbours last night revealed the mum - who has not been identified by the hospital but is believed to be 33-year-old Nadya Suleman - works as a technician in a fertility clinic and does not appear to have a husband...

Yup, we must artificially make these blessings so as not to kill them, argh.

fern hill said...

Your links got screwed up, Beijing York.

Here they are again:

I've never heard of Gosselins or the teevee show.

Totally peculiar story.

Niles said...

Came over here to check out your quotes. Does "does not appear to have a husband..." make anyone else cringe?


fern hill said...

This whole story is making me cringe. But yes to what you've quoted, Niles.

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