Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Soulmate for ALLCAPS

ALLCAPS has a soulmate in anti-feminism, Yaakov Schlusser, chairman of Israel's Men's Rights Party.

Despite having flunked out of the past three elections, the Men's Rights in the Family Party has decided to offer itself up to the Israeli voter once again this year due to fears that "the feminists are destroying the country."
. . .
"Seeing as we live in an extremist feminist state, the entire system is unjust, including the courts, welfare services, the police, and the government," he told Ynet. "The feminists are destroying every good part of this country. A country that doesn't respect its men has no right to exist."
. . .
Schlusser claims that last year his party received 4,200 votes, a far cry from the previous year's 1,250 and enough to plant them in 20th place.
. . .
Despite his views, he claims he is not a chauvinist. "The claims that I am a chauvinist are demagoguery. I love women and support relationships, my mother was a woman and I have a daughter," he said. "I'm not against women but nature has rules: The man should be on top, there should not be equality.

(I was a tad leery of this story, so I checked. There is a Wiki entry on it and it has a rather minimal website, unfortunately for me, all in Hebrew. There are also several other news stories on it.)

Israel has proportional representation. I checked to see what the election threshold is there. It's 2%. (By contrast, it's 5% in Germany and New Zealand, 10% in Turkey.) So if only 2% of Israelis vote for this yutz guy, the Men's Rights Party could have a seat in the Knesset!

No wonder the nutbar fringe parties here are keen on proportional representation.


the regina mom said...

Heya fern hill, I tried a little google translation. It's not perfect, but, well, it reveals much. Or nothing, depending on how you look at it.

Alison said...

Men's Rights in the Family?
Ok, MURFs it is then.

anne cameron said...

Well I could get behind equal rights for men. It would mean they'd have to start earning seventy cents for every dollar they make now, and it would mean getting up off their duffs to help with housework, doing half the kid care, and doing chores properly instead of slapdash.

They should be careful what they wish for, they might not like it when they get it!

WOT? No more extreme fighting on TV?

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