Wednesday, 24 December 2008

My Work Life

JJ tagged me with the exercise of listing all the jobs I've done.

These are the highlights (ha):

• messenger (boyfriend + motorcycle + postal strike = $$$$)
• waitress in a 'family' restaurant (no, there are NO photos of me in that idiotic getup)
• waitress in a 'cocktail' bar (that getup consisted of hot pants and white go-go boots, no shit, and there are NO photos of me in that either)
• dental assistant (white nurse's getup and no)
• various menial office jobs
• bartender in a working-class bar in Arizona (some other time I'll tell the story of the New Year's Eve working alone I poured $60 worth of nickel-a-glass beer and had eight customers' handguns under the bar and found out at midnight that I didn't have all of them)
• dental assistant again
• donut (that's how it is spled) store manager in Florida (some other time I'll do my 'I loathe detest abhor and hate Florida' rant)
• apprentice (well, it was really the bf who was apprentice; I was along for the ride) to sculptor on a farm where we greatly amused the neighbours as we learned country ways
• swimming pool manager (little boys + paper towels + shower room drains = one screaming harpy)
• invoice typist at publishing house (part-time while back at uni having had the blinding satori that I didn't want to continue this career of stooopid jobs)
• apprentice editor at same publishing house (promoted to this when boss noted Ancient Greek textbook under my arm and boss [who had come down from Oxford in Classics] recognized my innate humanity and potential]
• freelance writer (wrote bullshit for dough; absolute worst and never to be repeated were research grant applications)
• freelance editor

I've left many other menial jobs out. In fact, between most of those I could have put 'waitress yetafuckinggain')

Now, for the share-the-pain part: I tag my co-bloggers, deBeauxOs and anne cameron, plus Beijing York,
Chrystal Ocean, and matttbastard.


jj said...

LOL, very good list! Wow, we are one diverse and eclectic group of Creative Employment Opportunists (my catch-all phrase for all the miscellaneous things we "do" for money).

Chrystal Ocean said...

Dammit, Janet! Sigh... Blogged.

Beijing York said...

Me too:

deBeauxOs said...

Oh for chrismasakes I arrive full of good cheer and must now account for what I kindly choose to call the dissolute years. Dammit .... err, fernhillit!

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