Tuesday, 16 December 2008

First, kill all the economists ....*

At Canadian Cynic, there's an exercise in compare and contrast. Stevie Harper, during the fall election campaign, did and said pretty much just about anything to get a much lusted-after majority. But now ...?

the advice Stevie offered after his little performance at the Canadian Club in Toronto on October 8th, during an interview with Peter Mansbridge?

Economists may now occupy the most hated professionals niche that once belonged to lawyers. Double whammy if you're an economist AND a politician known for betraying your promises and lying through your teeth.

Update: Accidental Deliberations goes further in demonstrating how for Stevie, it's never about his own professional or personal accountability but, but, but about the Librulz.:

* with apologies to William Shakespeare.


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deBeauxOs said...

The stench of CPC hypocrisy is nauseating, isn't it? Every strategy they are accusing the opposition of exploiting, Harper and his RepubliCons have already done. And every Government action criticized when the Cons were in opposition, they are now indulging in, to the hilt.

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