Wednesday, 31 December 2008

F*ck the Debate!: Part Umpty-One

A small sample of reactions to Rod Bruinooge's idiotic gambit to re-open the so-called debate on abortion.

From the Winnipeg Sun: 'bad idea'.

From the The Star:

To reopen this debate would demonstrate an all-time low in the Harper government's misogynist agenda. They have already set back women's rights by 30 years.

And from the Winnipeg Free Press:

According to a Winnipeg Free Press online poll, as of late Monday afternoon 78 per cent of respondents said the federal government should not reopen the abortion debate, while 21 per cent believed it should. More than 2,600 people took part in the non-scientific poll.

And a selection of emails sent to the Free Press, including this one:

I don't think this qualifies as an issue that MPs get to decide for Canadians. This should have been made clear at election time. I wouldn't have voted for Rod had he mentioned his stand on the issue. This will help me in future elections. I will question the candidate more thoroughly and I will advocate for making MPs accountable on these types of ideological issues. Very disappointed. Rod is out of touch!

Bad idea, all-time low, out of touch. Yup.

h/t for the last link to Beijing York in the comments at UOP


Beijing York said...

The helium isn't working. Bruinooge was handed a lead balloon.

It will be interested to see if and when they reintroduce Bill C-484. I'm hoping it will be much easier to expose it as a ruse to have the fetus defined as a legal person.

fern hill said...

Yes, we'll be ready for them next time.

Happy New Year, Beijing York.

jj said...

"It will be interested to see if and when they reintroduce Bill C-484."

Make that "when" and "who". There's no "if" -- they're doing it. The CPC grassroots voted for it at their convention, and some fetus fetishizing backbencher _will_ do it. The only question is "who".

Another "who" is *who* among the Liberals will vote for it this time.

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