Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Damp Squib

Well, the title up there says it all really.

Like, so, like, so, what was the point of that? As a business acquaintance said today, who's he talking to? What if Michaelle was watching a Friends rerun? Isn't she the only person in the country with anything to actually do about this so-called crisis?

There was no 'call to action'. You gotta have a 'call to action'. You know, 'order now', 'riot now', 'kick a sovreignist now'.

Utterly pointless.

Dion was OK. Jack *sigh* was Jack.


Scott Tribe said...

Actually, the apparent point of Harper's speech was to have a free fundraiser.

Beijing York said...

I read elsewhere on the blogosphere that the phones were ringing as soon as his infomercial was over with CPC volunteers asking for political donations. So it was actually an election fundraising exercise done on the taxpayer's dime.

Beijing York said...

It was Accidental Deliberations that noted it. Here is the link:

fern hill said...

Well, about ten minutes before it started, I got a call from the NDP. I cut the guy off with 'I totally support the coalition and I have no money. Does that answer your questions?' He laughed and said yes. So I guess everyone was fundraising on it.

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