Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Bring In the West

There is, I think, one legitimate concern with the coalition. Not insurmountable, but legit.

The lack of western representation.

As others have ably pointed out, the shrieeeking over the 'seperatists' (often spelled like that just to drive me, personally, insane) is nonsensical. Ditto the shrieeeking over the 'socialists' (they can spell that one).

But it is true that the coalition needs some voices from western Canada.

So. There must be some red(dish) Tory MPs from the western provinces. (Anybody know?)

Or how about some Progressive Conservative Senators?

This handy list shows Senators alphabetically and includes the province/riding, year of appointment, and name of appointer.

There are four from the west appointed by Mulroney: Janis Johnson and Terry Stratton from Manitoba, Gerry St. Germain from BC, and David Tkachuk from Saskatchewan. (True, none from Alberta.)

The Big Brains should round up some sensible westerners and include them.

There. You're welcome.


daveberta said...

Senator Elaine McCoy from Calgary sits as Progressive Conservative. She's a former PC MLA who was appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin.

Though I'm not sure that appointing unelected Senators to represent the western provinces will play very well...

fern hill said...

Yes, there is that pesky 'unelected' bit. But she would at least be a conservative voice.

Beijing York said...

Mira Spivak from Manitoba was a Progressive Conservative and became an independent when the CRAP/Alliance/PC merge occurred.

You know who has been silenced/punished by Harper for going against him on the whole CWB issue is Inky Mark from Dauphin, Manitoba.

Plus it would be great to hear a pro-parliamentary democracy statement from some PC old guard like Joe Clark, Flora MacDonald, etc. A real slap would be Preston Manning dissing Harper for his embarrassing behaviour. Manning has got his fancy pants new institute to consider.

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