Thursday, 18 December 2008

And the insults just keep coming

Gimme a freepin' freakin' break.

Canadian Blog Awards hits another one out of the park. Not only did they screw the pooch on the feminist category, they've just poked us wimmins in the collective eye again by naming ProWomanProLife Best New Blog.

Yeah, 'new' as in astroturfed newly minted right around the time Ken Epp decided fetuses needed rights. See PWPL's category on C-484. Lotta support there for it.

And it got 596 votes? The second-place winner got 161. Total votes: 1009. I smell freeping. . .


Beijing York said...

PRPL seems more like an advertisement (for anti-choice) than an actual blog. What a joke.

Prole said...

It's the people who can't smell the freeping that I worry about. We even had an attempted freeping by one of the F-word winners (which we put a stop to, natch - pale has mad internet skillz).

Speaking for an announcement regarding the 2nd Annual F-word awards soon. Fuck 'em, we'll have our own party. ;-)

jj said...


Mike said...

This is why everyone should do what Dave at the Galloping Beaver did...refuse to participate in a shame of freeping silliness.

fern hill said...

Is that who's behind them, JJ? *lightbulb*

Yes, Prole, we'll have our own party.

And next year, we will follow Dave's example and not participate at all in the CBA (except to mock and sneer, of course).

jj said...

fern hill -- I don't know for sure, but when I linked to them awhile ago, their backlinks (coming from the site's "wp-admin") were on focus on the family IPs (from 2 different offices, Toronto and Ottawa, IIRC. I've got screenshots of the sitemeter pages on my other computer).

Just sayin'.

fern hill said...

I've been googling, JJ. Watch this space. ;)

Pale said...

Now they are trying to passively agressively make the whole shambles just go away.
And that is what makes this exactly what it will always be.

Secret judges, who could very well be non existent. :) In fact I really think it was one of the boys running this thing trying to be clever.

I wasn't even aware that ACR had been nominated, until after the first round started...Heh. We promoted them....not.
It's one thing to do something as a volunteer, great. But to keep making the same mistakes every.single.time? What is the point then?

fern hill said...

Exactly, Pale. After last year's fuckup, one would have thought they'd handle this differently. It started to go sideways in the nominations. Somebody should have stepped in right there.

And why the hell didn't they ask for help? I mean, they do know a few feminists, even a few male-type ones, if the grrrls were too yucky for them.

jj said...

fern hill - Did you see the last line of the PWPL post? About "the anachronistic notion that abortion is a right"? HAHAHAHAHA!

"Good little propagandist, have a biscuit", said Dr. Dobson, smiling down paternally.

fern hill said...

No, I missed that. Well, all words are like 'feminism'. Everything means what they want it to mean. I wonder what she thinks anachronistic means.

Don't you love these younger pro-life women trying to make holding pro-choice views seem passé, old-hat, you know, so grey-haired boomerish?

jj said...

Meh. It's just the latest piece of dung they're throwing against the wall to see if it sticks.

Research has overwhelmingly shown that the anti-choice movement's image is OLD, fundamentalist and authoritarian -- all negatives with young people. So they're just trying to turn reality on its head by characterizing the pro-choice movement as "old" and "boomerish". Good luck with that!

The bottom line is, it's very hard to put a young, hip, modern face on a movement that's all about taking away womens' freedom. (And these people further punch themselves in the face by toeing the fundy line on other social issues, like equal marriage.)

Women like Melissa McEwen and Amanda Marcotte set the tone for young pro-choicers, who are legion. The original shit-disturbers may never be able to completely retire, but at least we can be confident in passing the torch to a new generation of vicious abortion crusaders with as much fight in them as we had.

deBeauxOs said...

I'd think that Blob Blogging Wingnut would be just itching to cross-post at ProWomanProLife, and re-decorate the place with her graphics.

Which of course would not pass, seeing as they've engineered a specific image for PWPL, to project a New-Agey, spiritual, kewl look.

jj said...

The marketing side of my brain tells me that the entire PWPL project is relentlessly focus-group driven. Dead fetus porn wouldn't make the cut there. Overt religiosity is also conspicuous in its absence. It's what you might call a "purpose-driven website" (heh).

Interesting sidebar: While I was surfing around today, I stumbled over a prolife blog that talked about the recent "40 days for life" thing, where they all hung out at clinics & harassed women for 40 days on end. The blogpost explained why Focus on the Family was uncool with the setup: because that kind of thing -- praying, harassing, intimidating at clinics -- doesn't jibe with this new image they're trying to plaster on the prolife movement. PWPL gave "40 days for life" as brief a mention as they could get away with, I guess because their regular readers would have questioned it if they hadn't mentioned it at all.

To me, PWPL is interesting from a marketing standpoint, but they're preaching to the choir -- the average young woman isn't suddenly going to decide she wants to give up her sexual and reproductive freedom just because some anti-choice nut her own age recommends it. Also, who can take seriously anyone who gets behind that idiotic "The Pill Kills" campaign, as PWPL did? To most women, 'nuff said.

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