Sunday, 30 November 2008

Where did that illicit tape recording come from?

CTV News claims to "have learned" that the NDP and Bloc Quebecois have been holding "secret talks to form a coalition party" - even before Jim Flaherty laid his egg in Parliament last week - from an audio tape that was recorded by an unidentified "Conservative member".

Dimitri Soudas was interviewed by Radio-Canada. He accomplished the feat of sounding shocked yet unctuous as he waxed eloquent about the content of the audio tape, while remaining evasive as to how the recording was obtained.

Shall we take bets on the provenance of this tape? Dirty tricks from rank amateurs, à la Watergate? Or more ominously, was it obtained from a professional employed by the RCMP or CSIS, now moonlighting for the RepubliCons on the side?

Read more about this at
bastard.logic. Stevie is slowly morphing into Tricky Dicky, aka Richard Millhouse Nixon.
More update: Beijing York gives emphasis to the importance for the Progressive Coalition to stay focused and to avoid the bait, since Harper is already cornered.


janfromthebruce said...

Yes, and let's call it cold-gate

Mylegacy said...

For Canadians, the Conservatives have been wrong on almost every issue that has defined what Canadians believe in. On the questions of universal healthcare, and small "l" liberal community standards, the Tories have been swimming upstream. As a result they've spent 90% of so of the last century on the outside looking in. Those of us "of a certain age" remember the vicious lying fight they put up against universal health care.

Harper has "won" two minority governments. Despite an historic Liberal collapse in Quebec he was unable to win a majority. Why? Because Canadians are not ready to hand over our "social network" to the "tender care" of the Religious Right and the Reaganite "Trickle Down, Deregulate, Government is the enemy" crowd.

As in the USA, the "right" doesn't want government "leaner" it wants Government "gone." The US shows us the end game of that philosophy. Canadians know better.

Polls always show a majority of Canadians as being "center/left." Harper's hatred and disrespect of the opposition may have now created the "New Liberal Democratic Party" of Canada.

Thank you Mr. Harper, your disrespect is going to give Canadians the opportunity to elect, "Change we can believe in!"

Mike said...

Two words:

Gurmant Grewal.


Beijing York said...

I'm reposting what I wrote elsewhere but I think it's worth consideration.

Harper is better equipped at handling accusations of scandal than those of ineptness. He's been like teflon on every other scandal raised because he recognizes that a steady non-reaction is better politics than an over-reaction. Chretien is also gifted with the same reflexes.

An angry Jack Layton or heaven forbid Pat Martin (Mr. Ethics MP) is the worst thing that could happen when the idea of a coalition government is picking up momentum.

Right now the Winnipeg Free Press (fairly right wing) is reporting 69% in favour of a coalition government. It's been on the rise all day.

Having the media spend the week focused on whether the taping was illegal, unethical or inept (on the part of the NDP) would be a shot in the arm for Harper. It's bait and the whole news item should be buried as fast as possible in my view.

leftdog said...

It is a valid question to ask - Were any resources of the state or parliament involved in the creation and/or distribution of the tape in question?
That question needs to be answered .. honestly.

deBeauxOs said...

It would be safe to assume that funding from a Heritage Canada Support to the Arts Program was neither requested nor awarded for the purpose of producing this tape.

Beijing York said...

Heh heh dBO. To bad the market deemed it a dud.

Oh well, it might not have qualified for a tax credit given that some might define it as "offensive" :-)

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