Friday, 21 November 2008

Scathingly Wrong Rightwingnutz Award of the Week

As you may have noticed, our webpage moniker is a nod to our sacred duty to identify, expose and generally hold up to ridicule Scathingly Wrong Rightwingnutz.

By way of Red Tory, here's this week's award winner, among a field of stunningly and arrogantly stupid rightwingers: Marilyn Musgrave. A number of organizations in Colorado believed she was toxic for the environment, women and gay rights; they rallied together to campaign against her re-election.

Two years ago she was named one of Rolling Stones 10 Worst Congressmen. (After reading about her reign of bigotry, we won't quibble that they call her a man.)
The Denver Daily said: Newsweek’s “The Dignity Index” gave Musgrave a pathetic 78 ranking — just a few short of “utterly shameless.” Flashing the headline “Nobody Likes a Sore Loser,” the magazine said the ousted congresswoman displayed “dubious behavior” for never congratulating Democratic rival Betsy Markey on her 4th Congressional District win. In fact, Musgrave is yet to concede the race. And a column that appeared at on Tuesday implied that Musgrave has shamefully taken to hiding after her “brutal loss.”
Hey Marilyn, you can show your face in public again. DAMMIT JANET thinks that you're a big winner.


deBeauxOs said...

fern hill, I'm having second thoughts about that pic. Do you think it looks .... well, kinda of porno? I wouldn't want to jeopardize our application to Progressive Bloggers.

fern hill said...

Hm. It does, kinda. Makes one wonder where the other hands are. . .

But ProgBlogs is cool with porn. Remember all the tit-posts about Julie Couillard?

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