Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Persecution of Dr. Tiller: Part Umpty-Two

Back at Birth Pangs, we filed several reports on the persecution of Dr George Tiller, one of the only remaining late-term abortion providers in the US, very unfortunately located in Kansas.

This has been going on for years. Tiller is the obsession of arch-fetus-fetishist Phill Kline, former Attorney General of the state and now a county prosecutor, and his successor as AG Paul Morrison, who had a teensy sex scandal problem to boot.

Tiller's lawyers are in court this week arguing that 19 misdemeanor charges should be dropped.

They contend the charges are based on evidence obtained by Kline and his officers through false pretenses and abuses of power.

The hearing is also making public for the first time details of a secret investigation conducted for three years by the state's top prosecutor against Kansas abortion providers.

One of the central charges against Tiller is that he did not report sexual abuse against minors for whom he performed abortions. Kline believes that ALL underage sex is at least abuse if not rape, even if between minors of similar ages.

One case in particular, that of a 10-year-old having a late-term abortion, focused Kline's wrath. Kline claimed that Tiller did not report the case and on that basis demanded all Tiller's patient records so he could root out other cases of Tiller's egregious flouting of the law.

Well, looky here:

As the former Kansas attorney general and, more recently, as Johnson County district attorney, Phill Kline has justified his aggressive prosecutions of abortion providers by noting that judges have found probable cause to proceed with the cases.

If judges look at the evidence and decide there is reason to believe a crime has been commited, the case must be good, right?

Only if the prosecutor presents the evidence in an objective and truthful manner. Testimony in a hearing in Wichita this week raises serious questions about whether Kline did so. . .

Documents produced by [Tiller's] lawyer Dan Monnat showed:

The girl came with her mother from another state, carrying a letter from their local prosecutor's office. The letter said the girl needed "an immediate medical procedure that (could) only be done" at Tiller's Women's Health Care Services clinic.

The relative who raped her had already been charged.

Tiller did in fact report this case to the appropriate authorities in Kansas, though why they needed to know seems to be a case of total busybodiness, but the investigator claimed that that 'wasn't clear' to him.

Wow! Fetus fetishists in positions of enormous power lying?!?!

The hearing continues. We'll be on it.


deBeauxOs said...

"Partial fact selection" is what these elected officials of the criminal justice system do in Kansas.

Funny how that elected part seems to determine their ideological bent, them being politicians at heart and in the prosecutorial choices they make.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone done a Psychological evaluation of the megalomaniac Phill Kline?

Anonymous said...

Phill Kline was not elected in Johnson County...he was appointed by the republican party to fill the vacancy left by Paul Morrison. Crushed in last election.

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