Tuesday, 18 November 2008

batten them hatches

Hello Darlings, it is I, BLANCHE, smiling and waving at all of you from my self imposed exile here on the most western of west coasts.

The sun is shining, the doors are open, the windows are open and Blanche is in her tee shirt, short sleeves, and, right now at least, wearing a ball cap because the sun pouring in the window of my hell room is too bright, it causes me to squint , and at my age, my dears, one tries hard not to crack the carapace.

This lovely day is unique, we're taking advantage of it, I've been out with my dogs on a therapeutic creep, and I've obviously gone insane in the heat because before I left I washed the kitchen and living room floors.

Maybe I should go to the clinic and see if they have a pill for Domestic-itis. They've got pills for everything else.


fern hill said...

Hey, BLANCHE, good to see your electrons again!

Après l'election, le même chose. (dBO will be along shortly to correct that.)

Yes, we will dance. They find that unnerving.

deBeauxOs said...

So. You're here. It certainly took you long enough. On the internet, no one cares if you live on the west west coast.

In fact, if I hadn't once, years ago, cast my eyes upon you at a reading tour sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts, I might suspect that there is an orca somewhere out in the Juan de Fuca Strait (with access to a laptop and the wifi connections of ferryboats sailing by) who is pulling our chain.

Dancing? When do we start?

Beijing York said...

Welcome back Blanche!

So does this mean the revolution has started?

Beijing York said...

Hey, my word verification was DYPOLL. Maybe we should set up a sham poll to show how much support there is for women's equality, pay equity and reproductive choice. Let's start with the assumption that the results will be 99%.

fern hill said...

Sham poll? Let's have a MASSIVE poll!

deBeauxOs said...

MASSIVE poll it is. Look at the sidebar.

RP. said...

If my salary is clawed back, how will I buy ostentacious gifts for my woif?

deBeauxOs said...

You have a MASSIVE salary?

Well hellllo Handsome!!!

the regina mom said...

Heh. Great poll. And great to see you, BLANCHE!

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