Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A Response

SHE replies. Well, sorta.

The gals at Birth Pangs are trying to goad me to name one "legitamite" (re:feminist) anti-violence group that supports C-484.

First, we didn't ask for a 'legitamite' group -- though if we had, we would have spelled it correctly -- we asked for a 'reputable, established' organization working against violence against women.

We did not say this:

Because it can only be legitamite if feminists support it. If non-feminists support it, then it's no good.

(Gigi, in the comments there, ponders what a non-feminist anti-violence organization might counsel its clients.)

Then SHE puts more words in our mouth:

If I lose my fetus, the feminist answer is: tough luck! There's only one body! Your beloved unborn child did not exist! Too bad!

We will type this next bit sloooowly.

We are against this bill because it serves no purpose EXCEPT to reopen the abortion 'debate'.

This "dare" by the feminists is ideologically motivated. They're trying to pretend that the feminists who are dominant in among those who combat women's violence are the arbiters of what is and is not in the best interests of women.

Um. No. We ask sincerely: why, if this bill is all about protecting women from abuse, NOT ONE group, legitimate or not, has come out in support?

And we seem to have an answer to that.

(First published at Birth Pangs.)

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