Tuesday, 26 February 2008

One body. One person. One count. -- The Roundup

Wow. That was impressive. Yesterday, twenty-two bloggers participated in the 'One body. One person. One count' blog-burst in opposition to Ken Epp's private member's bill, C-484, a back-door attempt to create fetal rights as the necessary first step in recriminalizing abortion.

Some, including Scott Tribe and In the House and Senate, posted a few days earlier.

We at Birth Pangs were pleased to see the turn-out by the usual Vicious Abortion Crusaders. ;) But we were very pleased to read this from Blast Furnace Canada. Blast Furnace is Catholic, Liberal, and, soi-disant, 'pro-life'. But BF is obviously rational with the concomitant bullshit-spotting ability.

For the record and in no particular order, here's the list of participants. (We've no doubt missed some. Please let us know and we'll add.)

Justice is a woman with a sword

The Vanity Press


skdadl at pogge

Unrepentant Old Hippie

Thought Interrupted

April Reign

Hope and Onions

Red Jenny

mattt at bastard.logic

Miss Vicky

Politics 'n' Poetry

pale at A Creative Revolution

Prole at A Creative Revolution

A Secret Chord

CC at Canadian Cynic

LuLu at Canadian Cynic


Dave at The Galloping Beaver

deBeauxOs at Birth Pangs

fern hill at Birth Pangs

These blog posts represent the best of the progressive blogosphere, taking on all the ways this proposed legislation stinks -- legally, morally, practically, medically, logically, allegorically, and musically. ;)

Most of those above, plus others including Benediction Blogs On and Rational Reasons, also responded quickly to the CALL-OUT here earlier this month.

One more: while not part of the blog-burst per se, today We move to Canada caught a cable telly call-in show, in which Ken Epp 'shows his hand'.

Thanks again to all. And keep up the good work. Debate on the bill is scheduled for this Friday, February 29, with a vote expected March 5.

UPPITY-DATE: A new blog, dichotomously, by another BnR member.

UPPITY DATE 2: Oopsie. Epp's motivation revealed. More from the We move to Canada link above by Scott Tribe and Unrepentant Old Hippie. Ha. Keep it comin', folks.

UPPITY DATE 3: alison@creekside

(First published at Birth Pangs.)

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