Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Komen: The Canadian Connection

Oh looky here.
January 12, 2010 — Leading breast cancer organizations Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in Canada today announce a new agreement to raise funds and explore possibilities to partner in research, education, advocacy and awareness programs across borders.

The website for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is screwy. Can't copy url, can't move around pages, can't search. Coincidence?

And the website for Run for the Cure doesn't have a search function. (At least the national sponsors, with the exception of Revlon don't look quite as evil as Komen's.)

So what is the connection between CBCF and Komen? Beyond that fuzzy 'possibilities to partner'?

The Globe is wondering too:
But it's also raising questions about what impact the Komen Foundation's decision could have in Canada. Last August, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, which organizes the Run for the Cure, announced it was teaming up with the Komen Foundation to raise money and possibly collaborate on research, education, advocacy and awareness programs on both sides of the border.

Will the new alliance lead to funding changes at Planned Parenthood in Canada as well?

The questions come only a few months after the Conservative government was in the spotlight over the decision to fund an international Planned Parenthood group, which provides abortions in developing countries around the world. Critics accused the government of succumbing to pressure from the pro-life movement.

While the government dragged its feet for months on making a decision, but it was revealed last year it will give $6 million to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, earmarked for countries where abortion is illegal.

I don't think there is any reason for this to impact the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, formerly Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada. It seems to have no interest in breast cancer. Planned Parenthood Toronto doesn't offer breast screenings.

But I would like to hear from the CBCF, specifically on its relationship with anti-choice Komen Foundation.


the regina mom said...

I'd never heard of Komen before this story broke. Kinda quit following the breast cancer stuff after my SIL died. And all this pink shit makes me sick, quite frankly.

Anyway, the breast cancer fdn website works for me. I'm using Firefox 10.0

sassy said...

Works for me as well (also Firefox 10.0)

fern hill said...

OK, I've been trying to upgrade, but hitting weirdnesses. Obviously have to try again.

Janice said...

All this stuff sure takes me back in time. I can remember when abortions were virtually unobtainable, legally anyway and when birth control was only for the married. Even KY jelly, the only lube that existed, was kept behind the counter. I can remember marching for such basic rights. However I myself have been off the baby shift for a while and have lost track of happenings in this sphere of life. And I do find all the younger women I am acquainted with are indifferent to these issues and seem to think the current state of affairs is the way things have always been and always will be. Communication between the generations appears to have been non-existent in their families.

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