Thursday, 26 January 2012

Polls, Schmolls

You knew this was coming. Angus-Reid poll on the recent SHRIEEEEK-fest over sex-selective abortion.
Three-in-five respondents—including two thirds of women—believe there should be laws to outline whether a woman can have an abortion based solely on the gender of the fetus.
. . .
In the online survey of a representative sample of 1,001 Canadian adults, 51 per cent of respondents believe there should be laws which outline when a woman can have an abortion in Canada. Conversely, 37 per cent of Canadians think there should be no laws on this matter and want women to have the unrestricted right to have an abortion at any time up to the moment of birth.

(Note spin there at the end. 'Any time up to the moment of birth'!!!! Two SHRIEEEKS for the price of one!!!1! Ah well, I suppose polling companies would lose a ton of dough if abortion were uncontroversial.)

In reply to Chris Selley's posting of the above info (with typical NatPo spin, emphasizing that a [slim] majority of Liberal voters think there should be laws on 'when a woman can have an abortion in Canada'), SadieMae said:
This is why we don't write laws based on polling data.

That wedge-issue debate still won't open.

To recap: Yes, sex-selective abortion IS a problem where it is widely practised. It is NOT widely practised in Canada and likely to grow even less so. A gender imbalance in some communities would affect only those communities and would perhaps get them rethinking their antediluvian treatment of women.

A law would be useless -- women will use at-home prenatal gender tests or go to the US.

And yet, there will be much caterwauling about this for months to come.

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Beijing York said...

Those evil, often dark hued women are not to be trusted. Of course, missing from the analysis is the dank patriarchy of cultures that reward the male child and punish the female ones.

Further to that, this is not a problem in Canada. Are these experts assuming that immigrants from patriarchal cultures come to Canada intent on seeking gender-based abortions?

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