Friday, 30 December 2011

"My job is to end ... politicians’ careers."

Think about that for a moment.

That was a Rovian statement, with all it implies of dirty tricks, amoral tactics, unlimited resources and murderous intent.

It was said by a guy who is the CEO of a *polling firm* - Campaign Research of course. It appears some legitimate pollsters are rousing themselves from their state of stupified complacency to investigate complaints against this little shit and his odious actions.
From polling methods described as “reprehensible” by the Commons Speaker, to some questionable polling in the federal and provincial elections, Canada’s public-opinion research industry has faced its share of controversy in the past year.

One big test case is looming immediately — an investigation by the Market Research Intelligence Association into the activities of the polling firm Campaign Research, which conducted a survey in the Montreal riding of Liberal MP Irwin Cotler that earned a slap from Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer.

If MRIA finds that the firm breached its standards — a charge that Campaign Research vigorously denies — this would be a first for the Canadian polling industry.

The call for stricter measures on how polls are conducted and reported is coming from some leading pollsters, who worry that the credibility of their business is getting dragged down by lax or controversial standards in Canada.

“I’m a little disgusted; no, make that a lot disgusted,” says Darrell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos, who wrote an open letter to Canadian journalists last fall, warning of the growth of sketchy practices in political polling.
Too little, too late.


Anonymous said...

Is there not at least some "truth in advertising" law that could be the CR slime? It's beyond Orwellian how a company called "Campaign Research" with this mission statement:

"We use innovative virtual technologies to
provide superior insights and reliable,
cost-effective solutions that help our
clients make and implement better decisions
to reach and exceed their objectives."

and that claims to be "a full service marketing research agency" could actually be in the business of ending political careers.

Having been on the receiving end of some of their push-poll BS (thanks S Anton, please go away), its obvious that their business is surreptitious slimery.

Beijing York said...

They should have crucified this sham "polling/market research" firm as soon as it was disclosed that they were responsible for these dirty tricks (and many, many more such as setting up front groups at universities to recruit Conservative support).

Anonymous said...

Bricker? The same guy that said to me that they "do whatever the client wants" when I worked there? LOL.

liberal supporter said...

Is there not at least some "truth in advertising" law that could be the CR slime?
The do like some laws. They'll try a SLAPP suit on you if you dare to question their mythology oops I mean methodology.

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