Friday, 10 June 2011

On Bandwagon Jumping

About this billboard, Andrea Mrozek at ProWoman ProLife (gag) wrote:
A man puts up a billboard following his girlfriend’s (EX-girlfriend’s) abortion:
The sign on Alamogordo’s main thoroughfare shows 35-year-old Greg Fultz holding the outline of an infant. The text reads, “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”

Think about it. The man lost his child, a person he would have valued deeply, a person of great personal significance. Every abortion is about one person’s life, and that life is connected to aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers and friends.

On a bad day, if I were this man, I think I’d put up a billboard, too. And my other thought is God Bless America, for having people with gumption like this.

On the original sign, it was 'Created For: N.A.N.I.', a fictional organization whose initials stood for, he said, National Association of Needed Information. Funny thing though, the girlfriend's name is Nani Lawrence.

The original also had a reference to Right to Life New Mexico. (GEFNET is his own company.)

But they backed away from their initial sponsorship.

Being a little closer to the action, maybe RtLNM knew something about the guy.

Oh. Look. He's not just a vindictive shithead, he's a violent, abusive shithead.

Ms Lawrence, who has maintained a very low profile during the shitstorm, took him to court for harassment and violation of her privacy. Fultz countered with the racist and misogynist stand-by 'FREE SPEECH!!!'. That trial may progress, but in the interim, the judge ordered him to take the billboard down. Which, surprise, he has not done.

Now, his ex-wife, Jennifer, has weighed in. On Twitter, she is threatening to expose 'all of the police reports and dirty laundry from [their] marriage'.
Jennifer also claims that at the time they first got together, she was merely 16, while he was 23. Hmmm, one of the evil sides being painted of Greg has been that he has a tendency for young girls. Some even claim he stalked a 13-year-old girl on the family friendly gaming site Neopets.

By the way, Fultz himself says he doesn't know if Ms Lawrence had an abortion or a miscarriage as she claims.

Truth in advertising? Piff.

So, Andrea, are you still backing this lying, violent, misogynist, vindictive short-eyed creep?

Well, heck, I guess if you're 'pro-woman pro-life' ya gotta dance with the guy what brought ya.

ADDED: The creep has a hashtag now: GregFultzIsACreep.


Anonymous said...

So, Andrea, are you still backing this lying, violent, misogynist, vindictive short-eyed creep?

Of course she is. She has her head up her ass, or in the sand or whatever. This is how she sees "changing hearts and minds, so that abortion because unthinkable." Abusive bullying by pervs always works.

k'in said...

I believe that each individual situation has its unique sense of circumstances BUT - ever notice that it does seem, statistically speaking, that the guys that self-identify as "father's rights" advocates and act out publicly almost always turn out to be control freaks (or worse)? The problem is THEM, not the women upon which they project their violence/delusion/dysfunction.

ck said...

Andrea, of course, still hasn't answered Fern's question on her site. Not that anyone was expecting her to.

I wonder if Andrea is embarrassed now that more truth about #Fultzisacreep has been exposed and that she didn't do her homework? ^NOT!!

She really should remove the "prowoman" portion from the name of her hen house.

ck said...

Oh yeah! And the psychotic's latest antics on Twitter? He's a beggin' for money for more billboards and legal fees.

fern hill said...

Here's his Twitter ID for the morbidly curious.

ck said...

Not necessary to publish, just thought you might like to know, Fern, for entertainment purposes.

Oh, Looks like Andrea has decided to come to play at Sister Sage's Musings. Accused me of being a conspiracy theorist, or something, but still hasn't answered our questions.

fern hill said...

Well, you are a lefty. Therefore a 'hater' and a 'conspiracy nut'. 'Nuff said. You've been set straight now.

No need to answer your pesky questions.

Niles said...

And a guy pretty much like him ensured, that in Canada, the pregnant woman is the only one with a say in carrying or terminating. 1989 - Daigle and her concern troll ex, Tremblay, who tried to use the courts to stop her from an abortion on his paternal right.

Anyone else old enough to remember that? And how he turned out to be an abuser? Going on 22 years now. 23 if you count the decision that abortion shouldn't have legal restrictions on it.

20-25 years is a generation, leading to your 85 percent now. Where NB still balks at funding.

That's what I fear is going to happen. They'll do the non-funding route up here in the wake of what's being done down south. Planned Parenthood is already feeling the push.

ck said...

Niles, I do remember that case, Tremblay v Daigle very well. In fact, here in Montreal, before the case hit the Supreme Court, there was a march, here, in Montreal, in support of Chantal Daigle, and my parents and their friends, actually participated in (I was out of town at the time). Quite a few folks out that day.

Here in Montreal, on CJAD, a few very disinjenuous (spelling?) right winged hosts are ranting and raving (I'm imagining them flailing their arms dramatically in the air and wringing their hands) demanding tougher abortion laws. To hear them talk, you'd think abortion doctors are performing late term and partial birth abortions everyday of the week in la belle province. In reality, it couldn't be further from the truth.

Oh, I just caught something on line last night. Perhaps I'm just late in catching up than everyone else. Has everyone here realized that the woman in Roe v Wade is now some born again Christian who is now doing fetus fetush ads in the US?

fern hill said...

Oh yeah, I remember Chantal Daigle well. Dark days for women's rights that eventually went right.

And ck you're talking about Norma McCorvey, now darling of the fetus fetishists.

Anonymous said...

Mrozek's reaction to this billboard is what makes the antis so scary at times. Anything goes, and it's all good. With people like her egging on wingnuts, it's no wonder someone eventually pulls out a gun.

Beijing York said...

If Harper opens up the Charter for review, say to include protections for property rights, do you think he will use it as an opportunity to define unborn as human and deserving of Charter rights?

We are all looking at the possibility of more endless private member's bills inching towards that objective from different angles. Some of us suspect that the omnibus crime bill will have some kind of second count of assault/murder provision for pregnant women. And of course as Niles and Fern have pointed out before and again, starving abortion providers from public funds.

Anyway, it seems to me that the fetus fetishists are more emboldened than ever.

ck said...

Oh, have you heard the latest insanity? Apparently, Fultz is claiming he's an ordained minister.

fern hill said...

ck's link

Anonymous said...

I saw Mrozek's post as well.

Another reason why pro-lifers can't claim to be feminists at the same time.

Buffy said...

Basically the fetus would be just another thing he could control and abuse--and more easily than his girlfriend. It's no coincidence the "pro-life" faction is obsessed with fetuses and people in vegetative states. They like anybody they can maintain 100% control over.

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