Tuesday, 3 May 2011


It's the new white meat. It's what Canadians who aren't aboard the Cons' gravy train will be eating.

Deregulate and privatize. After all, that worked so well for England under Thatcher's rule, didn't it? I can hear the greedy bidness folks who backed the Contempt Party licking their chops. Say thank you Jay-zeus and pass the root vegetables.

From here, with judicious inserts and paraphrasing:
If people must eat, roadkill is a superior option to the neatly shrink-wrapped plastic packages of meat in the supermarket which Canadians who didn't vote for the Cons (or didn't vote, period.) won't be able to afford in years ahead.

Eating roadkill is better than being roadkill.
All raucous kidding aside, I plan to give it my best: work as hard as possible to be part of the solution to fix this MASSIVE problem of a Con majority.

Otherwise, fundamentalist religious zealots like preacher Maurice Vellacott (he was narrowly re-elected) will be leading the charge to establish christian sharia throughout the land. We can expect Vellacott, Bruinooge and other bible-thumpers to initiate laws like this, and this.

As for that minority of screeching, cognitively-impaired *True Grits* pointing fingers at others; look at the figures. The vote-splitting occured within your party. Liberal supporters who tired of ReformaTory-lite policies voted NDP when push came to shove. And your Blue Grits abandoned ship and supported Harper's Cons.

Ignatieff may have been pretty good for a rookie political campaigner but remember, Layton is an old hand at this. Also you're going to have to find a way of working with Quebecers who favour federalism. You seem to have alienated many of them.


Anonymous said...


I love your site and am left as they come (well, perhaps not) but you must calm down. The pressure's on Dear Leader now. There is at least a possibility he'll resusitate the old PC party and be (relatively) responsible, which will inflame his base and cause the nut jobs to spawn Reform 2, this time led by Charles McVety. Or if, as you say, he tacks right, I'm convinced that a quarter of his vote came from people who think he's a centrist and he would destroy the Conservative brand for another 20 years. Plus, if he goes too far right he makes Canada into Wisconsin, and wakes up the sleeping left in this country - a darn good thing. Have hope and keep blogging.

deBeauxOs said...

Calm down? My impression of Harper and his Cons is based on facts and their actions.

Stop being so fucking Con-descending.

If I feel they are an abomination because of their women-hating policies and their fundamentalist religious ideology, I can say so. Also, they're greedy, influence-peddling weasels.

Beijing York said...

"If he goes too far right..." IF?!?! Are you kidding? Have you not noticed how far right Canada has shifted with Harper's minority governments? Harper is going to make Mike Harris' stranglehold on Ontario look like a progressive dream.

Anonymous said...


I meant "too far" in the political sense. Obviously, he's already gone too far for me. Last night's verdict was clear - to the electorate, he has not yet gone too far right.

Anonymous said...

Is it that he hasn't gone too far? Or is it that he and his ads say that he hasn't gone too far?

Sadly, a significant portion of the electorate seem to believe that most everything that's gone wrong since the last election is the fault of the opposition and "partisan bickering" (and the evil, spooky, coalition Bloc). By the time they link what Harper Government (TM) does to why things are going bad for them personally, it may be too late.

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