Sunday, 10 April 2011

Capricious and cartoonish beauty.

Progressive Blogger Mark Rayner directs us, via The Skwib, to a visually disturbing website that features a series of pictures such as the one above.
The specimen chosen for display is actually one that works as a semi-plausible example of a type of female pulchritude that in France is valued and thus called 'une belle laide'.
Here's the gimmick. All the pictures displayed are glamour shots, photographs of *Hollywood* stars and/or TV celebrities that have been altered. For each and every photoshopped pic, a specially cropped selection of Steve Buscemi's exophthalmic eyes, framed by his own sparse and craggy brows, has replaced the subject's own.
The cognitive jangle, which typically provokes discomfort and a WTF? reaction, reminds me of the viral response to the Têtes à claques animated characters created by Michel Beaudet.
Here is the classic Hallowe'en sketch, and my favourite:


Beijing York said...

Cute video, dBO. I checked out that site with the photo-shopped Buscemi eyes and the Hilary Swank one was disturbingly real.

deBeauxOs said...

The Têtes à claques animation series is just brilliant and I see that most of them are now available in English.

On the spectrum of Québec's wide-ranging cultural artistry and innovations, it occupies a particular place, close to, in content, though satirical in intent, to Celine Dion and Ginette Reno

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