Sunday, 13 February 2011

Egypt, as seen by Free Dominion

In another episode of 'DJ! Visits the Freaks So You Don't Have to Get Out Your Wellies', here's how they monitored events in Egypt.

The thread was initially titled 'Egyptian Riots', later changed to 'Egypt - A Web 2.0 Revolution'. It was started by a poster named 'fourhorses' on January 28 and it's still going strong, up to 174 pages (a FD page holds only 15 posts, but still, that's a lotta posts).

'fourhorses' offered mostly straight reporting, links and complete stories (they have no use for copyright over there) from legit (as opposed to their more usual wingnut) sources, including Al Jazeera English.

Some Freaks weighed in with comments like this one from Red Dog:
muslims rioting against other muslims and burning up a muslim country is a problem because.....?

Others voiced fears for Israel and of Islamic radicals, while displaying MASSIVE ignorance of any actual facts.

Another, named Kate Shaw who has an Israeli flag in her sig, actually said this:
Its the End Times -- and more and more of this is going to be happening everywhere; and especially here in Canada where we have allowed Enclaves to balkanize our country to the point that we have plenty of dry tinder awaiting a match.

Say your prayers and watch for the USA to close the major bridges when the fire starts.

A few very -- two, maybe -- demonstrated optimism, and, funnily, they seemed to be in command of a few of the issues.

My Facebook friend Connie snarked about what happens when you shut off the Internet.

But mostly it was 'fourhorses'. He or she was obsessed. (Ahem.) When things really heated up, she/he started posting tweets from knowledgeable people in the streets there, many of them the same people I was following. (Hmm.)

The others mostly left off with the stupid remarks and let him or her go to it.

It is a rare and commendable example of the Freaks being interested in foreign events. I hope a lot of them followed along and learned something.


ck said...

"It's the end times!" Why doncha know it? Some from the bible thumping belt even have a date! May 21 of this year. I've got it pencilled in somewhere between hair appointment and registering for French classes.

Beijing York said...

May 21, 2011? I thought that was the Mayan's date.

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