Monday, 12 July 2010

Ambrose went off message, it seems.

How can that be? Aren't ministers' scripts tightly controlled by the PMO?
The event was a statement from the minister for status of women, containing no program or funding announcement, and the news to emerge was that Ambrose said Ottawa is "looking at" amending the Criminal Code to include so-called honour crimes. She was asked if the government was considering such changes, and she replied that it was under consideration. "I'll say that it's something that we're looking at," she said. "Nothing more than that at this time." However, when contacted for more details about possible changes, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice said in fact, that is not the case. "There are currently no plans to do that," said Pamela Stephens.
From here. Ambrose also encouraged the community groups she addressed to develop their own initiatives to prevent "honour crimes" and assist women and girls who are suffering abuse at home. She told groups to submit project proposals to the federal government, but she offered no specific details about funding parameters or criteria. It also appears from the text of her speech published here that Ambrose (or someone in the PMO) used the event as an opportunity to jab at progressives - who don't rationalize any form of violence against women.
These heinous acts cannot be justified by cultural relativism or excused under the guise of political correctness.

Who the hell does that? Certainly not feminists. There are however, rightwing christian cons who believe that violence against women is far worse when it's muslims who commit those criminal actions.

In reality, women who are murdered, stabbed, mutilated, sexually assaulted or permanently harmed by those enraged by their femaleness don't care what motivated their abusers. They simply want justice to be done.


Luna said...

The Con mentality:
Muslim men are SCARY!
Muslim women are always ALWAYS victims of Muslim men, who tell them how to dress (so let's ban the burqa and liberate them!), and are likely to be killed by the scary scary Muslim men.
White men don't commit crimes unless they're poor.
White men are only poor if they're lazy.
Therefore, white women only get beaten/killed if they're asking for it, so even though it's wrong... well, who really cares.

deBeauxOs said...

On some level, I don't give a sh*t what gynophobic, homophobic and islamophobic opinions Cons have.

However, some of them hold political power. Perhaps Ambrose didn't 'mis-speak'. Perhaps it's the Cons sending a trial balloon to see how that plays with Canadians.

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