Monday, 28 June 2010

What's the difference between a krusading berserker kop and a blak blok anarkist at the Toronto g-20?

The krusading berserker kop has "special powers" that this regulation gives him.

Other than that, they're both bullies hiding behind a black uniform, weapons of destruction, an organization and the fury they unleash upon people and property.

Their fear and loathing of the "enemy" is the fuel for their violence; the target of their rage shifts in accordance with their allegiances.

Neither is necessarily aligned with a political orientation; they're opportunists, pragmatists and followers.

They're killer ants.


the regina mom said...

Hey, there's evidence suggesting that the blak bloc anarkist is a krusading berserker kop. See this article at Global Research for more info.

Cliff said...

And in some cases they might actually be the same person entirely...

edwin said...

The police have a history captured on video of being agent provocateurs.

There are groups of anarchists who are interested in violence. I spent a number of years in the anarchist left. Violence at the anarchist convention in Toronto in part was why I left - it was the desire for violence by a young, alienated, and angry crowd.

It is difficult to say what police provocateurs were doing. I wouldn't want to dismiss the possibility. On the other hand, I think that the black block is real, the tactics they use were known to me decades ago, and the desire to wish them away is incorrect - or to claim that they are all police provocateurs is a lazy way out of what may (or may not) require a change in the way we view the world.

Similarly, the black block are very clearly aligned with anarchism - propaganda by the deed - a very definite and fairly well established political orientation within the philosophy of anarchism. Granted my knowledge is a few decades out of date, but it looks similar to me now as when I drifted away. Just for the record, there are several different political thoughts within anarchism, ranging at one end from pacifism, to the other end armed insurrection.

I don't think I wish to dispute the view that they are opportunists, pragmatists, and followers, but my impression is that they are politically aligned.

Cliff said...

I don't doubt that many of the black bloc are real - albeit misguided - activists. Some with detailed ideological frameworks for thier behavior, others with no more complex a praxis than 'It's fun to fuck shit up.'

I do believe that the police find them extremely useful to the degree that they are egged on and in some cases - proven unambiguously - impersonated to justify budgets, tactics and narratives.

Was every idiot with a scarf over his face smashing windows and burning cars an undercover cop? Obviously not, but I do believe some of them were and some that weren't were allowed to rampage because their actions justified the actions the police wanted to take.

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