Sunday, 18 April 2010

Stay Classy, Sens Fans

I just watched the first home playoff game for the Ottawa Senators tonight.

The first time it happened I thought there must be something else going on. Then again. Then again.

No. Sens fans were booing when Crosby touched the puck.

Yeah, that Crosby. Scorer of winning goal in the Olympics.

Yeah, that nation's capital. Of Canada. Winner of gold in Olympic hockey.

What classless turds Sens fans are.

Oh. And karma sux, doesn't it? Sens down 2-1 in the series.


deBeauxOs said...

Oi. This afternoon, as I ran errands in the Byward Market, there was a car festooned with Ottawa Senators' paraphernalia driving around, with frat boys hanging out the windows, screaming "We're the Sens and we SUUUUUCK!" Not quite sure what that was all about.

Jim Parrett said...

I don't believe all Sens fans are 'clueless turds' although they sure seem to be idiots when it comes to booing Crosby. Some US pundit years ago brought this up when he dissed all Canadians for the few fans who booed Crosby then. Booing Crosby seems to be an Ottawa tradition.

Go Canucks!

James Bowie said...

Sidney Crosby is our opponent. If Wayne Gretzky was playing against Ottawa, I'd cheer for him to fail too.

Anonymous said...

This started to happen, I believe, after Crosby nailed Alfie with a 'questionable' hit.

I cheered as loudly as anyone when he scored that goal in the Olympics, but as a classless Sens fan myself, I think that Crosby can take his gold medal and shove it, at least for the duration of this series. (Which probably won't be much longer, I admit).

fern hill said...

I perfectly understand booing a cheapshot artist like Bertuzzi. And I understand booing a player who had injured one on my team -- maybe not forever though.

But booing a great player like Crosby, especially when he's having such a fabulous year, is crass, cheesy, and insulting to the game.

Lindsay Stewart said...

well i certainly hope that crosby's feelings weren't hurt. i'm sure he'll find a way to console himself with his millions of dollars and his nhlympic brand corporate jewellery prize. (annoying jerk mode: off)

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