Friday, 9 April 2010

Shelly Glover for Lady Portfolio!

Helena Guergis has resigned.

We here at DAMMIT JANET! are sorry to see her go. She was just too much fun.

After looking over the wealth of intelligence and expertise available among ReformaTory women MPs, we've decided to recommend 'hard-nosed' Shelly Glover for the Lady Portfolio.

I mean, look at that hair.

And beyond the hair, she's got ideas! And experience!

Here she is on StatsCan's erroneous assertion that crime rates are falling.
So, again, numbers can be skewed any which way, but I do take issue with the misleading comments made by my colleagues. I worked in this system. I’ll tell you straightforward, Canadians are seeing an increase in crime. I don’t care what Stats Canada has reported because they only count reported crime. They do not count unreported crimes. And as a police officer, I’ll tell you, I worked sex crimes for four and a half years, 92% of sex crime victims do not report their crime. Because they don’t have faith in the justice system, they’re fearing retribution, they really do have a number of reasons for not reporting.

92% do not report. What a precise figure for someone who doesn't care about facty-sciencey stuff!

And she has insight! From the same link, here she is on why Liberals are soft on crime:
And the other thing is, let’s not forget, the Liberals have an interest here because, predominantly, prison inmates vote Liberal during elections. Cops vote Conservative. There is a clear interest for the prisoners to be voting for soft on crime legislation that the Liberals put forward.

Who knew that the Liberals were pandering to that huge voting block living in A-, B-, and C-Block?

Best of all, she's pro-choice! That'll make socon heads explode.


Mr Prime Minister, leftie feminazi bloggers implore you. Choose Shelly Glover. Pleeeeease.


Scott Tribe said...

Harper said he's chosen Rona Ambrose.

croghan27 said...


Rona-baby is my (ultimate) boss at Public Works and Government Services ....

Am I going to have to whip another Minister into shape? (and she just sent me a letter saying how privileged she thought she was to work with me.)

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