Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bully Baird or Talibanny Pacheco?

Progressive Blogger Queer Thoughts investigates how and when John Baird was outed as a gay man.

Was it a ReformaTory colleague who spilled the beans on CBC?

Or did a few insiders know of Baird's sexual orientation and use the information judiciously? Ricky at QT digs deep and finds information at LieSite, from June 2006.

"Harper rejected the candidacy of pro-marriage candidate John Pacheco during the Dec. 2005 Ottawa West nominations in order to protect the party’s star candidate, homosexual activist John Baird. Baird is a gay activist and staunch proponent of homosexual 'marriage'. In the provincial legislature Baird spoke in favour of a provincial gay marriage law striking the words "husband" and "wife" from all Ontario legislation. In the legislature Baird went so far as to heckle one of his own provincial Conservative colleagues who opposed the gay marriage law.

In 2003 Baird was asked by Stephen Harper to serve as co-chair for his leadership campaign. And in the federal election of 2004, John was again asked by Stephen Harper to serve as Ontario co-chair for the National Campaign."

Egad. Bully Baird or Talibanny Pacheco? Not that I'd ever vote for a ReformaTory, but it's obvious why Stevie chose Baird. The party faithful or the 'full-metal-religious-zealot'?


The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not sure how someone "outs" a gay activist? My Tory connections in Ottawa all seemed fully aware of Baird's orientation, even his personal preferences. Why he's not more open about it only invites speculation. What annoys me is that he's such a thoroughly unlikeable character in his own right that I begrudge him any points for his sexual orientation. Straight or gay, he's a damned, loudmouthed jerk.

deBeauxOs said...

Baird is only a "gay activist" in the eyes of Lie-site. The only progressive issue he seems to have supported and/or defended is same-sex marriage.

CanNurse said...

Good for you for the blog on Baird! The Ottawa Tories may know, but the "people of Canada" do not know. And people who vote Con are often v. anti-gay, sadly enough. This is a dirty fight & they started it, so.... sorry I have to feel that way. But, otoh, he IS a loud-mouthed jerk!

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