Monday, 1 February 2010

"Anonymous" was a woman?

Anonymous was a woman. That pithy aphorism was found on buttons and stickers in the 1970s, as the formerly invisible contributions of women to art, literature, politics, religion and civilization came to light, were discussed in universities, and flooded popular culture.

Thus it's only appropriate to re-purpose it to wonder out loud who was the "anonymous" author of a malevolent op-ed at The (going) Postal Nation, as referenced by Canadian Cynic: I could swear it wasn't April 1.

Commenters observe that it walks and quacks like Barbara Kay. It certainly does have her smudgy fingerprints all over the place, in particular the lack of solid evidence and the overwrought rhetorical styling.

Will Mère Kay own up or evade taking responsibility for this trashy screech attacking Women's Studies programs in universities?


Niles said...

Is this one of those "it would be irresponsible not to speculate" moments because Madame LeKay imperiously set herself up earlier for continued metaphorical boot smacking?

Mandos said...

It can be none other than Kay mère. Parts of it are practically verbatim from the brain-melty CBC interview I heard 2-3 weeks ago.

Bina said...

I wonder why she hates Women's Studies so much...maybe because it wasn't available back in HER day and age?

harebell said...

I knew it was Nat Post related. Raph Alexander was a possibility (some of the wording was similar to his crappy rip off of Charles Johnson) but Babs Kay the self loathing woman was always my favourite too.

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