Saturday, 10 October 2009

The difference between propaganda and facts.

Lies-Site chose to play the persecution card. Tim Mak chose to use petulant and disingenous words. The McGill Tribune chose to present an editorial that contained facts and rational arguments. The commenters - all of them visibly anti-choice, one of whom spammed posted 5 times - chose to play the persecution card and use petulant and disingenous words as well.

From the McGill Tribune:

... a presentation by Jose Ruba, a co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, titled "Echoes of the Holocaust." [...] will attempt to draw parallels between abortion and the Holocaust, by arguing that "dehumanization and denial of personhood has justified some of the greatest affronts to human dignity that the world has seen."

The presentation refers to abortion as a "mass human rights violation" and includes graphic imagery such as photos of dead bodies at concentration camps followed by photos of supposedly aborted foetuses.

... The comparison of abortion to the Holocaust is not only horribly offensive and inaccurate, it is deliberately designed to be inflammatory. This event is not intended to foster debate - it is designed to be provocative and to distract from meaningful discussion of abortive rights. Last October, when Choose Life was applying for interim club status, the Tribune editorialized that SSMU Council should approve their application.

We still stand behind that decision. Although many who opposed the club have adopted an "I told you so" attitude in light of Choose Life's recent actions, they miss the point of our original argument: you cannot preemptively censor a club based on what you believe they might do. Choose Life could have fulfilled their mandate by hosting informative events that presented the pro-life position without sensationalizing the issue or attempting to induce guilt among pro-choice believers.

A pro-life belief is not, in itself, oppressive. Even though Choose Life had the potential to behave inappropriately, it was necessary to give the club some rope, and see if they used it to hang themselves.

The Tribune believes that every woman deserves the right to safe and legal abortions. The legality of abortion is not something that we think should be up for debate - the decision to have an abortion is a personal one, and is not a decision that most women take lightly.

Once again, anti-choicers demonstrated their obsessive fixation with The Fetus©™, their inappropriate and arrogant exploitation of the Shoah, and their rage against women who have the power to choose to give life.

Pro-choicers demonstrated their support for a legal medical procedure, their anger with lying liars and their respect for women who have the power to choose to give life or not.


Mark Richard Francis said...

Dammit, Janet! Stop making sense.

Anonymous said...

Pro lifers want foetuses to live so they can send them to war when they are eighteen.

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