Saturday, 12 September 2009

Michigan Murders Update

Harlan Drake, the man accused in the two nutty Michigan murders, has been taken to hospital.
A prosecutor says the man accused of fatally shooting an abortion protester and business owner here has been taken from jail to a hospital Saturday with a self-inflicted wound to his arm.

Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry said Saturday that Harlan Drake suffered "a serious gash" after cutting his arm near the wrist but was expected to recover.

Colbry said he doesn't know exactly when Drake cut himself or what he used to do so. Colbry says Drake was taken to a hospital for surgery.

So, while speculation as to motive is still running rampant, it seems clear to me that the guy is seriously disturbed. Shooting a handicapped man in front of a highschool with a bunch of kids around is not rational behaviour. (Neither is protesting abortion with gory signs in front of a highschool rational behaviour, IMO.)

Remember, there was a third murder planned. The scenario involving Drake's going postal, killing three people, then himself is looking more likely.

OK, now the Forced Pregnancy Gang will SHRIEEEEK that the feminazis are invoking the 'lone maniac' theory when clearly this guy acted on decades of lies, harassment, threats, and overheated rhetoric from the pro-choice side targetting handicapped anti-abortion protesters.

Yeah. Right.

(BTW, if you haven't seen a photo of Drake, there's one at the Detroit News link. It's worth a click.)


Bina said...

Heh...just as I thought, he's mentally ill.

Now, the shriiiiiieeeeking fetus-fetish brigade won't have anything to harass with. Unless, of course, they can prove that sites like this one or JJ's (or mine!) caused this guy to lose his shit, same as Operation Rescue caused Dr. Tiller's pro-lie killer to do.

Good luck with that, wingnuts.

aaroncrowe said...

I know we are going crazy protesting against Abortions; however, have we lost the reason why abortions are being considered???? It’s called “Sex” and most of these are out of marriage…this is what we need to be discussing in order to stop putting the band aid on abortions…then we will see less of them taking place…Please, let’s talk more about Abstinence…

sassy said...

Abstinence... ???????

fern hill said...

@aaroncrowe: we have talked about abstinence. It doesn't work. Lookit Sarah Palin's daughter, Whatsherpeculiarname.

fern hill said...

Coffee kicked in. Bristol.

Bina said...

No, let's NOT talk about abstinence...other than to note that it's a rhetorical distraction for sanctimonious wingnuts, that it only works for hermits, and that real-world choices demand birth control that works, and abortion as a backup just in case it doesn't.

And yeah, abortion's a fine backup in case abstinence also fails. Which it generally does whenever a virginity-pledger finds a partner.

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