Friday, 11 September 2009


Grab a pair of these because the SHRIEEEEKING is going to be deafening.

LifeShite: 'Pro-Life Advocate Murdered Outside Michigan School While Protesting Abortion!!!!!111!!!'
Local officials and state police are confirming that a pro-life advocate was shot and killed outside a high school in this Michigan town. The person, who is described as well-known but whose identity has not been released, was shot multiple times while protesting abortion outside Owosso High School.

There is apparently a second shooting that the police are investigating as possibly related. A suspect is in custody.

So, you know this is going to be spun as Just Exactly the Same as the decades-long harassment, stalking, vandalizing, wounding, and finally murder of Dr. George Tiller.

Oh, look.
Father Frank Pavone, the director of Priests for Life, has commented on the shooting in an email to

"We do not know the motive yet. But this is a time to console one
another, and to renew our determination to organize peaceful protests," he said. "It is no time for fear."

Pavone called on abortion advocates to comdemn the shooting.

This pro-choice advocate will condemn the shooting IF the accused is found to have acted on pro-choice beliefs.

Ah, looky here.
But [Business manager for Owosso Public Schools Julie] Omer stressed that police are not making any connection between his views and the shooting.

Given what we know about your average anti-abortion harasser/stalker/panty-sniffing busybody, it's not unreasonable to speculate that such a person could have pissed off any number of people around him for any number of reasons.

Or, it could just be ordinary, everyday violence in gun-crazy Excited States.

UPDATE: SUZY ALL-CAPS is 'suspicious'.
I ask myself: Why?

Why this person? Why at that time?

I hope this does not scare any pro-lifers from protesting.

Nah, if pro-liars stop protesting, it will not be on account of fear. According to HER, remember, the supply of abortion providers is NOT affected by fear of anti-abortion terrorism, but by the Stigma/Yuckiness of abortion. I should think pro-liars would quit protesting because of similar Stigma/Yuckiness/Braindeadedness of harassing vulnerable women seeking legal medical care.

UPDATE 2: Lots more info at the Detroit Free Press. The other man shot and killed was the owner of a gravel company. The 33-year-old suspect is the son of a former employee of the company. The pro-liar sounds like your typical clinic harasser.

(Edited to remove fetal porn redirect. Grow up, SUZY.)


jj said...

I am guessing it was employment/unemployment-related. I don't know why, just that the facts in so far seem to point in that direction.

fern hill said...

Yeah, sounds that way to me too, JJ. You know, based on logic and facts and stuff. ;)

jj said...

Looks like he might have been targeted for protesting -- the other guy because he owed him money??

There's something weird going on with this story... nobody shoots someone just for protesting -- shit, we don't even punch them out. WTF?

fern hill said...

JJ, see my most recent post.

NYT says yes it's abortion-related. AP says not.

sassy said...

Could be related to the fact the they guy just lost it and had access to a gun. I hear they are easy to get in the US of A.

aaroncrowe said...

I know we are going crazy protesting against Abortions; however, have we lost the reason why abortions are being considered???? It’s called “Relations” and most of these are out of marriage…this is what we need to be discussing in order to stop putting the band aid on abortions…then we will see less of them taking place…Please, let’s talk more about Abstinence…

croghan27 said...

aarpncrows - why do you not practise some abstinence reguarding posting.

And stop telling me how to live my life.

deBeauxOs said...

How interesting. "aaroncrowe" links to a site promoting vacation rentals. Posting rightwing wackiness for the purpose of drawing unsuspecting readers to a commercial advert.

A for-profit troll.

Bina said...

Not to mention he posted this same "comment" here twice, verbatim.

Copy-and-paste public wanking--now THERE's something to abstain from.

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