Friday, 14 August 2009

The Me, Myself and Irony Booby Prize to Jonathan Kay.

for his precious and self-effacing piece about Christopher Hume.

Lunatic overstatement? Oh puh-leeze, Jonathan? Aren't you running out of shelf space already, for all those trophies you've been awarded several times over for the "Most Afraid of Pustules on my Willy", the "I-Ran-Out-Of-Ideas-So-I-Borrowed-A-Cup", the "How Dare You Attack Me I'm on Your Side", the "Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day", the "I'm Being Persecuted by Fundamentalist Secularists", the "Vive le French Colonialism!", the "I'll Tell You What Censorship Is", the "Let Me HyperBole That For You", the "I Know It's Elitism Because I'm Excluded From It", the "Most Disingenuous Title", and so much more.

It does bring to mind that old saying about people and glass houses. Just saying.

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jj said...

Lunatic overstatement? LOL, strike a nerve, Jon?

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