Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ad Free Since 2008

Note the new thingy in the sidebar. From its website:
By using this icon on my website I am stating...

1. That I am opposed to the use of corporate advertising on blogs.

2. That I feel the use of corporate advertising on blogs devalues the medium.

3. That I do not accept money in return for advertising space on my blog.


the author

We at DAMMIT JANET! saw it at driving fast on loose gravel and thought: DAMMIT, that's cool.

Because, you know, there is enough bloody advertising in the world. Just when you think: 'OK, that's it. They can't find another spot to yell at me from. . .' Whammo! -- fucking ads turn up on litter bins, in bathroom stalls, and my personal fave, on taxi hubcaps. (That one mercifully went away.)

And you won't be finding any Begging Buttons here either.

You're welcome.


Altavistagoogle said...

I take it your not a fan of Mad Men. Ironically, currently playing ad free on Rogers On Demand (I highly recommend it).

I used the money generated from ads on my blog and gave it to the NDP (so they could spend it on ads). Advertising is an essential part of democracy (line taken from Mad Men).

deBeauxOs said...

Everything that is good or essential is best savoured in moderation.

My current beef with movie theatres is being subjected to inane commercial advertising besides paying for the price of admission. This is infrequent, as most of the films that I want to see are usually premiered at The Bytown.

BTW, I rent or if they're keepers, buy the television series that I consider worthy of my interest: advert-free viewing and it doesn't require a cable subscription. And yes, Mad Men makes that cut.

Cliff said...

I got rid of AdSense when a post about abortion generated an ad for the Calgary Crisis Pregnancy Center. No way was I going to promote those sleazes.

fern hill said...

'Sleaze' is one word for them, Cliff. I prefer 'lying, manipulative, guilt-tripping Christofascists', but whatever.

At Birth Pangs, we had Google ads and that kind of crap would turn up regularly because of our content. It was kind of fun to think WE were making money off them.

Aesthetically, though, it got really ugly. And because I'm on dial-up, the animated ones screwed my computer up regularly.

Altavistagoogle: Yes, of course, communication is a vital part of democracy. It's the consumerism that we don't need more of.

I just don't see the point of ads on blogs.

And in related news -- the next time I see a web-ad for 'belly fat', I'm going to SHRIEEEEEEK.

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