Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Today's Top Fetus Lobby Comment

Today, there are two -- count 'em -- stories in the NatPo on welfare-mom, anti-choice-poster-granny Linda Gibbons.

In each one she is depicted as a martyr who has suffered enough/been oppressed for her cause.

(The occasion is the hearing of her case by the Supreme Court today.)

As is not unusual, I'm on deadline but waiting for client to get back to me with info vital to my getting the fuck on with it.

In short, I'm kinda stuck at my 'puter.

So I posted a comment on each, then got into it with a couple of fetus fetishists. I also posted a link to that old DJ! post at the top.

On the second one, by Dan Gurney, the discussion seems a bit more rational for some reason. Yet, when I remarked that the NatPo had two stories on this pathetic person today, I got this in reply:
Fern I love your arguments. They are as empty as befits an airhead. Your mother should have aborted you and saved the state money on wasted education. I know you will take this as a compliment as a flappy collection of fetal material. Hitler was perhaps right, worthless human beings should be exterminated. I trust you would be first in the queue.

Oh and if this post offends you, trusting you understand it, go back and read that vile blog you referenced. I know you will treat this post with the same sense of amusement

Calling my blogpost vile while wishing me exterminated, with Hitler thrown in for good measure.

The day is still young, but I'm calling this one FTW!

UPPITY-DATE: Apparently, NatPo called it for the win too. It's been deleted. That link takes you to the article. My comment and the reply both gone.

MORE UPPITY-DATE: My bad. All comments are gone.


Beijing York said...

Another fine example of Harper's base.

JJ said...


I've always found it ironic that some of them are so unbalanced and deranged that just the thought of abortion rights is enough to flip them into Eliminationist Mode.

It sure doesn't take much to make that mask drop, does it.

Beijing York said...

No kidding, JJ. "Culture of Life" my ass.

Niles said...

Fern, you naughty naughty zut, getting all the comments turfed with your uppity, challenging ways.

You go, grrl.

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