Friday, 14 May 2010

Bible Thumpers Get Funding

Anti-abortion men such as the one depicted, who was likely bussed to annual March for Lies when an adolescent attending catholic school, were visible and in your face in Ottawa yesterday.

No wonder - as fern hill pointed out yesterday, the dogs heard the whistle. And a gold-plated whistle it is.
Wycliffe Bible Translators slurped up a hefty $495,600 of your money and mine. But that was dwarfed by the $3.2 million awarded to an outfit called Youth For Christ--and, while children living in poverty on a reserve in Attawapiskat have been denied a new school for years, Edmonton's Newman Theological College was recently awarded $4.2 million of Harper's largesse.
From Dawg's Blawg.

That half-million of taxpayers' money bought us "capacity building for public school". Not religious schools. Public schools.

Do you think that fundamentalist, orthodox jewish and muslim institutions would get that kind of MASSIVE funding for translating the Torah and the Qur'an?

Welcome to Harper's New©™ Theocratic Government.


Anonymous said...

What the Fuck is happening?
I must have fallen asleep during "the history of Rock'n'Roll" ..just after the part where they show all those looney (hear that's a coin now) American Born Again Christians burning rock'n'roll records. "RocknRoll is Satan's Music" they screamed....I couldn't stop laughing at those crazy U.S. Fundies. HAHAHAH, I roared with laughter at those southern dimwits, then I must have hit my head and passed out....cause I just woke up and THEY ARE RUNNING MY COUNTRY?????


Anonymous said...

Be afraid,be very afraid.(I know I am)

Anonymous said...

What baffles me the most is the support these Fundamentalists get from Roman Catholics and Jews. They are strange bedfellows indeed. They openly admit they think Catholics are going to hell because of their idol worship and pagan saints, they go into poor predominantly Catholic countries and try to convert the people. They support Isreal because they believe that Israel must be a state for the final ummm slaughter to happen. They support them only in terms of Rapture Real Estate. In the end their belief is convert or be slaughtered. How peaceful.

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