Friday, 19 March 2010

Humpty Dumpty North

(No, not the Puffster.)

Not to be outdone by the myriad microscopic citizens' rights efforts in the Excited States -- most recent update
here -- our fetus fetishists have come up with their very own microscopic Canadian citizens' rights movement.

The site, like its Merkin cousins, hits the all the absolutely-equivalent-to-fetuses historical discrimination crimes -- slavery, treatment of Aboriginal people, the Holocaust, and (somebody did some extra research, not just the usual copy-and-paste job) the Persons Case.

There's a 'Science' page, a compilation of quotes from authoritative-sounding books, asserting over and over, yes, a fertilized human egg is unequivocally, well, human.

But they have to take a trip on the Waaaaay-Back Machine to come up with terminology to their liking -- calling an embryo, zygote, or fetus a 'baby'.
"The unborn baby is alive from the first moment of conception of a single egg and a single sperm." N.Z. Health Department: Pamphlet No 83 Your New Baby (Government Printer) 1969.

There. The government of New Zealand says so! Or said so, forty years ago. In a pamphlet aimed at happy, willing parents.

There's a petition to sign. And presumably funds to raise.

In related news, the doughheads indefatigable campaigners in Colorado have collected enough signatures to try again to get a ballot initiative on 'egg-as-person'. Because last time it was on the ballot, it was really really close -- the no-freaking-way votes outnumbered the deluded votes by a 3 to 1 margin.

I just lurve watching them waste their time, energy, and money on such idiocy.


Dr.Dawg said...

We are the egg-men. YOU are the walrus.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Happy Easter Egg! A good egg is always a bit cracked, no?

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